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First Solo Show titled “Welcome To My Nightmare.” By AXIS

First Solo Show titled “Welcome To My Nightmare.” By AXIS
Illustrator, painter, and legendary CBS Crew member AXIS is set to blow minds with his first ever solo show, appropriately titled “Welcome to My Nightmare.” “Welcome to My Nightmare” opens on November 15th at SURU on Melrose.
Check out his website

7662 Melrose Ave.
L.A., Ca 90046
(323) 655-0770

FAT CAPS Vending Machine

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Joshua Petker "Black Sugar"

Now Showing at
Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington BoulevardCulver City, California 90232
Category: Performing/Visual Arts
Corey Helford Gallery is proud to present “Black Sugar”, a solo exhibition of new works by Los Angeles artist Joshua Petker. For his first solo show in Los Angeles as well as at Corey Helford, Petker creates an ethereal world filled with mysterious muses and enchanting sirens that is as colorful and opulent as the neon palette he paints from. Influenced by history, fashion and the pursuit of beauty, the artist infuses his imagery with a potent mix of lost love, stolen hearts, sexual longing, and spiritual death. “Black Sugar” reveals a secret garden filled with Petker’s signature dark flowers, while expanding the visual vocabulary of his landscapes with the introduction of new elements such as unicorns, butterflies and wolves. The exhibition will feature Petker’s acrylic-on-panel works in a larger size and scale than before, as well as unveil a limited-edition giclee print available in four colorways. “Black Sugar” opens to the public on Saturday, October 4 from 7 to 10pm, and the exhibition will be on view until October 22, 2008.Born and raised in California, Joshua Petker spent his youth between San Francisco and Los Angeles. He attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington where he earned a BA in Social Science and Biblical Archeology. However, it was writing graffiti at age fourteen that laid the groundwork for his fine art career. A self-taught painter, Petker studied Western literature, art and culture, taking cues from Vincent Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt to Andy Warhol and Darby Crash. In 2005, Petker’s work was selected by LACMA curator Howard Fox to be included in the museum’s Art Here and Now program, and his paintings have garnered sold-out exhibitions at numerous galleries on the West Coast. Petker’s growing list of collectors include Jennifer Nicholson, Kevin Smith and Davey Havok, and this past year, he collaborated with Jared Gold’s Black Chandelier label to create a collection of exclusive limited-edition products. For more information about Joshua Petker, please visit

Joshua Petker Interview at Fecal Face.

Corey Helford Gallery presents Joshua Petker“Black Sugar”Opening Reception Saturday, October 4, 2008 from 7 to 10pm On View October 4 until October 22, 2008 Corey Helford Gallery 8522 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232T: 310-287-2340 Open Tuesday - Saturday, Noon to 6:00pm

In-n-Out's 60th Year Anniversary. Totally not true!!! Boooo !!!

In-n-Out's 60th Year Anniversary is Wednesday, October 22nd. All hamburgers will be sold for 25 cents, Cheeseburgers 30 cents, Fries 15 cents, and drinks are 10 cents!!!

Look Daggers at GCS Alhambra

2MEX of the Visionaries and Ikey Owens from The Mars Volta are going to be playing a free instore at GCS Alhambra. Click on picture for more GCS website

Important Restock...or respect to 4 nerdy Germans...

...And I mean that in a good way.

Today, I got a restock of Kraftwerk's "Trans Europe Express". The full length American LP release. On the LP is the single "Trans Europe Express". This track by itself impacted two disparate (for all you USC grads, that means distinctly different) styles of music.

On the one hand it impacted Rap (even gangsta Rap) and on the other hand it impacted Techno.

I know that may sound weird...but follow closely.

Trans Europe Express is the beat that was used by Afrika Bambaataa to create "Planet Rock". "Planet Rock" was the seminal (that's right I said seminal...the root word is semen..and in this case--once again for the USC grads--it means it contributed to the later development) track that created electro know some of the initial breakdancing music. On the west coast (specifically Los Angeles) there was a budding west coast electro hip hop scene. One of the groups was The World Class Wreckin Cru. In this group was Dr Dre..yes that Dr dre..with jerry curls and polyester shirts...the whole nine and them some. They made songs like "Juice" and "The Fly". Eventually, they broke up and Dr Dre eventually teamed up with Eazy E to form NWA. NWA was the premiere gangsta rap group. So we just went from 4 german dudes to gangsta rap.

"Planet Rock" also influenced a guy out of the midwest named Juan Atkins. Techno/House heads know him as "Magic" Juan Atkins. Using the alias Cybotron he created the track "Clear", another classic electro hip hop track clearly influenced by "Planet Rock". After this track, he went on to start producing Techno music. Juan Atkins, along with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, is credited with creating Techno music. So, on this end of the spectrum, we went from 4 german dudes to Detroit Techno.

This is just the influence of one track by Kraftwerk. Kraftwerk has influenced countless groups and performers...some of who do not even know how they are inter-related.

In any case, here is "Transeurope Express" by Kraftwerk, "Planet Rock" By Afrika Bambaataa, "Juice" by World Class Wreckin Cru, and "Clear" by Cybotron. Enjoy.

"Transeurope Express"

"Planet Rock"



In case your wondering...we have all the tracks (except Juice) in the shop!!

don't sleep: LACMA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art 
5905 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90036

October 13, 2008 - TARGET FREE Holiday Mondays!  

Roll solo, bring your sketchbook/camera and nerd out or mob it with the crew on a live jazz night. Enjoy plenty of outdoor seating, street parking, a gift shop, and cafe. 

Exhibit you already slept on...


Phantom Sightings Exhibition Dates:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
April 6 - Sept 1, 2008

Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art 
Mexico City, October - December 2008

El Museo del Barrio and the Americas Society
New York, March - May 2009

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Summer 2009


Los Angelenos/Chicano Painters of LA: 
Selections from the Cheech Marin Collection
June 15, 2008 - November 2, 2008

Tradition as Innovation in African Art
Through November 2, 2008

Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles: 
Selections from the Mary Hunt Kahlenberg Collection
Through January 4, 2009

The Art of Imagination: Japanese Art, 1615 - 1868
from the Price Collection - Encore
Through January 4, 2009

Lovers and Haters of Graffiti

Mike Tyson on Graffiti

Patty on Rime's artwork