Important Restock...or respect to 4 nerdy Germans...

...And I mean that in a good way.

Today, I got a restock of Kraftwerk's "Trans Europe Express". The full length American LP release. On the LP is the single "Trans Europe Express". This track by itself impacted two disparate (for all you USC grads, that means distinctly different) styles of music.

On the one hand it impacted Rap (even gangsta Rap) and on the other hand it impacted Techno.

I know that may sound weird...but follow closely.

Trans Europe Express is the beat that was used by Afrika Bambaataa to create "Planet Rock". "Planet Rock" was the seminal (that's right I said seminal...the root word is semen..and in this case--once again for the USC grads--it means it contributed to the later development) track that created electro know some of the initial breakdancing music. On the west coast (specifically Los Angeles) there was a budding west coast electro hip hop scene. One of the groups was The World Class Wreckin Cru. In this group was Dr Dre..yes that Dr dre..with jerry curls and polyester shirts...the whole nine and them some. They made songs like "Juice" and "The Fly". Eventually, they broke up and Dr Dre eventually teamed up with Eazy E to form NWA. NWA was the premiere gangsta rap group. So we just went from 4 german dudes to gangsta rap.

"Planet Rock" also influenced a guy out of the midwest named Juan Atkins. Techno/House heads know him as "Magic" Juan Atkins. Using the alias Cybotron he created the track "Clear", another classic electro hip hop track clearly influenced by "Planet Rock". After this track, he went on to start producing Techno music. Juan Atkins, along with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, is credited with creating Techno music. So, on this end of the spectrum, we went from 4 german dudes to Detroit Techno.

This is just the influence of one track by Kraftwerk. Kraftwerk has influenced countless groups and performers...some of who do not even know how they are inter-related.

In any case, here is "Transeurope Express" by Kraftwerk, "Planet Rock" By Afrika Bambaataa, "Juice" by World Class Wreckin Cru, and "Clear" by Cybotron. Enjoy.

"Transeurope Express"

"Planet Rock"



In case your wondering...we have all the tracks (except Juice) in the shop!!

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