Review: War 4

The long wait is finally over, Vandals Ink and War 42 bring you "War 4"
With alot of hype sometimes videos fall short of expectation *cough bomb it cough*
so i threw it in to see what months of set backs and dates pushed back would lead up to, and..... it was pretty dope. the footage was a good quality, there were some writers i knew and some i didnt. with heads like toomer, buket, fate, revok in the mix and some new names. there were fights, girls, and bombing but the most impressive part was a combination of two things. Bukets catapult into fame with the live daylight footage and the special features which included a huge amout of extra footage. this ones a buyer/dont let you homie borrow it movie.

Just dont watch it with your Girl or Parents


War 4!

okay so i know i know i haven't been updating the blog in a while, its a mix of the store being busy and me having a few projects that i needed done
( if i didn't get done i wouldn't have no money, no money no internet, no internet no blog.)
but here's some good news!
War 4 is finally in at both Pomona and Alhambra stores!
heres the first one out of the box

i will have a full review on it tonight.
and just between you and me. 
GCS Santa Ana Aril 1st