Galeria Con/Safos May Sneak Peak: Zane WCA

Yo! Here's the exclusive sneak peak for the may show @ Galeria Con/Safos show Feat ZANE from WCA

Free In-store @ GCS: The Literates

Also Feat one of the GCS family members "Mes the Jive Turkey"
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Cash For Gold #2

Ding Ding!

Round two
@ GCS Pomona

Paid Dues tickets available @ GCS

That's right boys and girls, the world famous Paid Dues Hip Hop Festival is coming soon and you can pick up your tickets at GCS Pomona & Alhambra. Come get them soon

GA: $44


Beat Restock

Full Beat Restock. Every Color from the low pressure Italian paint, so i think i will give you the run down on this paint since I'm already typing.

The Beat Thrown

Beats a low pressure paint from Italy, its a good alternative to Belton, they have about 300 colors and more to come. it works well outdoors but dries a bit off the ring color but not enough to knock it off as a good competitor. the colors are really creamy like Belton which is a personal preference. has a smash cap like Belton but its basically throw away after, doesn't quite fit too well
So all in all i give it a 4.5 out of 5

Rime @ Galeria Con Safos

Feb. 14 - 28
Opening Reception
Saturday 14th 2009
7 - 11 pm
A Limited Edition Screenprinted Poster
Two New GCS T Shrt Release
MTN Hardcore Limited Edition Can Siging
Galeria Con Safos
168 West Third Street
Pomona, Ca. 91766
(909) 620-2772
(909) 620-2771

Rime @ Galeria Con Safos Sticker/Flier

That's right kids.
Here's the exclusive!
Enjoy and come down to
GCS Pomona
GCS Alhambra
to get your limited flyer/sticker for the show!


From our good friend Joe.
On May 22, 2008 a 50-something year-old woman by the name of Patty Mayo sent out a desperate plea over YouTube. Her cries echoed through cyber space, receiving over 8,000 hits in just 2 days. Her wish was simple: for her favorite graffiti artist, Rime aka Jersey Joe, to paint a peeing dog on the side of her trailer.

This was no ordinary trailer. During the last 10 years it has housed over 200 rescue dogs, abandoned and rescued, and is currently home to eight.

Touched by Patty's heartfelt message, Rime booked a flight and headed back to the armpit of America: New Jersey. Now for the first time the public is invited to witness the event unfold.

from Patti Mayo on Vimeo.