Madvillainy Two. Madlib and MF Doom

Madlib and MF Doom are at it again. Finally Madvillainy 2 was released. The album was released as a digital only release. But Stones Throw did decide to put out a 12" Full Length of the Madvillainy 2 album. It's a two disc pack with all the tracks from the album plus some instrumentals.

So for all the heads that still collect vinyl, we have a few copies at Radio Futura (next door to the GCS). They are also online at

For anyone wondering what the real cover looks like here it is...


Anonymous said...

I think you're wrong. The track list is exactly the same as the as-yet-unreleased CD, not with extra instrumentals. Also, it doesnt appear to be a Stones Throw release - at least, their logo isn't on it. And there's no album cover, it's just white label.

Probably very limited.

h2 said...

Hello anonymous...Yes your right, the LP Album does not have a cover. The album cover that is in the picture is from the promotion pictures for the album. The discs actually have the tracks on the Labels. I used this image for visual purposes. The actual LP has a white cover, but the lables have The album details, and I do see 3 Instrumental tracks which are part of the CD. In any case they have instrumental tracks which is what I meant. But they were issued by Stones Throw. As of yet the CD is only available in a special pack that Stones Throw is selling. I believe it comes with Madvillain 1 & 2, a 7" vinyl, Tshirt, and a casset. I think they were presale. Anyways thanks for the observation.