Electro Roots

I was checking out the music for this weeks releases (this is Leo from Radio Futura--the music store next to GCS Pomona...YES they are two separate stores) and, well (as most people tend to do) I started following links upon links and came across two CLASSIC DISCO TUNES!!!

The first is "Standing in the Shadows Of Love" By Fever on Fantasy Records! And, the second is "Got Got Money" By Five Letters on Uniwave (the Uniwave pressing is actually a reissue).

"Standing in the shadows..." is a remake of an old Four Tops soul classic on Motown... and many disco fanatics (myself included) believe the Five Letters were/was actually an alias for Cerrone (famous for "Supernature").

In any case, (and in my opinion) songs like these are the source for some of the sounds we hear in the whole current Electro scene. Don't believe me? Check out the DIM remix of the Faint's "The Geeks Were Right" at the end of the post. Oh, and I've got to mention we HAD the Faint track at the store...I'm trying to get more in!

Here they are, 2 classic disco tracks and one new disco (oops.. I mean electro) track..enjoy them!

"Standing In The Shadows Of Love"

"Got Got Money"

"Geeks Were Right"

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