Zane x Galeria Con/Safos: Recap


"the sexiest stare on earth"

Oh man what a show, first off i want to thank everyone who came out to the show and supported, also ZANE for hooking up the store. He put his blood sweat and tears into this show (literally). And last but not least i want to thank the beautiful girls who came down and got painted for the show. it was a dope turnout and a even doper show. lets hope the next show can top ZANE's it will be tuff. Here are some pics from the show. Enjoy!

"The Girls"

ZANE & "West"



"DJ Lime Green"

"The Graff Heads"

"West Coast Artist"

"Blame One"

"Big Pimpin"

"Villany & Jessi"

"Jessi (The ZANE girl)"


"Girls & Graff"


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