Graff Review: Montnana Nitro 2G Colors

So Today's topic is Montana Spain's line of paint Nitro 2G Colors.
So with so many paints in the market why use Nitro 2g? well the Nitro brand has a specific use and different formula than hardcore or alien. Nitro is a new fast drying Acrylic paint formula that has a Matte finish to it. Contains new property called Silver Killer, will coat over wet metallic paints- "Montana Colors." So why Acrylic instead of the synthetic resin used in the hardcore? Well for starters Nitro 2G was meant for an indoor space or canvas. the lack of resin makes it vulnerable to the sun and rain so i would recommend not using this to crush shit outdoors. Its low pressure and has a matte finish. this is is great for the indoor gallery show where photos will be taken. the lack of gloss makes it better when flashes are going off more than Brittany Spears at an abortion clinic. (Less glare) It works well on high covering so backgrounds and what not. because of its size and weight i wouldn't use this on details, your better off sticking to alien. at the end its a good thick paint the covers silver very well but the lack of protection from weather make it a one trick pony. So... You have a gallery show... get it, canvas...Get it, anything outside... Dont


-Nick "GCS"

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