Graffiti LA book signing at The GCS Clothing Store.

Back in June of 2008.

The GCS Clothing Store was proud to present to the masses an event worthy of our GCS clientele. Steve Grody, the author of Graffiti LA, created one hell of a book and helped us set up an artist signing that was worthy of the guests that came out for the event. Legendary artists such as Rick One, Slick, Toons, Revok, Retna, Zes, Pysa, Augs, Aloy, Besk, Panic, Pale, Ghost, Owen, Beto, Astek and Yikes.

As always, there were tons of eager people patiently waiting to meet the artists who grace the pages of Graffiti LA. It always makes all of us here at the GCS proud to see our customers support the artists that took the time to come out to Pomona and (thank God) without incident. Thanks to every single person who attended, especially Aloy for helping us throw out some of our over flowing trash/beer bottles (the shit adds up), SANO for hanging out on the undercover tip, the pizza man (Valentino's Pizzeria in Pomona) for the grub, our neighbors and 2nd Saturday art walk patrons who knew not what was happening but were open minded enough to come in and meet the artists regardless.
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This Photo was taken from the Dissizit Blog

Photo from the front door.

Photo from the inside where all the action was going on.

Pysa hittin the black books

Panic on a GCS tee.

Toons, Slick and Steve hittin the book hard.

Here are some of the MARKERS that were used for the book signing. We gave out some many KRINK markers, Pilot wide markers and Sharpies.

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