Re: Dilated Show

So I attended the Dilated Show in hopes of finally listening to some new innovative beats and the ever-pleasing scratching of Mister Babu. I parked near Civic Center (big mistake) and had to endure the 'hollering' of pimps and hos as I caroused down the street towards my destination. Fortunate for me, I had my trusty side-kick by my side to ease the fear of becoming another one-dolla hooka for some grimy pimp in a cheap purple suit. After traveling 4 blocks in the wrong direction I remembered that the mezzanine was only 2 blocks from where I parked. Again, we traveled down pimp & ho blvd. until reaching our destination only to be stunned by the short 2 person line to get in. We did what any reasonable person would do at 11pm and headed to a bar around the corner to get inebriated. Once the intoxication level had risen we headed back to the show and once inside realized that the show had started without us. To alleviate the pain of missing some no-name opening acts we drank a few more stellas. We then caught the latter end of Aceyalone's attempt to be fresh, innovative and most importantly hyphey. Apparently someone has been telling him that its a good idea to sample radio songs and drop his rhymes on top. Someone should clue him on the fact that has been done over and over again to no avail in the hip hop scene. Its older than your grand-mamas undies on a bum who has not showered in over a month. Shortly after Alchemist came on stage did a quick 2 minute song and exited as fast as a broke ass crackhead running away from his baby mamas' (yes that's plural). I naively hoped that Dilated would compensate for that awkward performance. As soon as the lights dimmed even more and I could not make out the next guy from darkness, the poorly placed projector began playing the tired video that Babu has so regularly used. The only up-side was the live-feed of his hands becoming one with the mixer. Besides that their new songs were so-so and they hardly played any of the classics. Sometimes its better to stick with the old and out with the new. It was quite a disappointment to see some of the o.g. mcs and djs get sucked into the hype. BUT... all in all it was a good time simply because I had two free tickets and nothing better to do than sleep on a Thursday night. If you saw me there... I was the chick at the entrance thanking people for coming to my b-day party (hey you can't blame a girl for trying).

[pictures soon to follow]

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